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Reflect - Inspection and Maintenance Management Software

About Reflect

The Reflect software developed by Asset Edge is the leading inspection and  maintenance management software utilised by local and state governments in Australia.

Reflect is a user friendly and feature rich software product that can be used for the planning, recording and analysis of maintenance activities for any class of asset.

The software has been developed using state of the art Microsoft.NET® and mobile-SQL  server  technology.  This provides users with an extraordinarily rich variety of functionality and yet manages to maintain a simple to use interface enabling an enterprise-wide software solution for use in both the field and office environments.

The Reflect Android version has recently been introduced to take mobile computing to a whole new level and compliments the existing windows desktop version. Reflect iOS is now available with ongoing extension of functionality to match that of the Android version.

What assets can I manage with the Reflect software?

The versatility of Reflect allows for highly configurable requests, incidents, inspection, defect and activity modules. The application of the software is limitless with respect to the range and type of assets your organisation is responsible for.

  • Regional, Local Rural, Urban Roads
  • Footpaths, Walking tracks, Cycle-ways
  • Parks and Reserves
  • Highways and Freeways
  • Significant Trees and Vegetation Management
  • Bridges, Culverts and Tunnels
  • Graffiti and Vandalism Management
  • Noxious Weed monitoring and control
  • Biosecurity
  • Storm Water and Sewerage Systems
  • Airports and Aerodromes
  • Car Parks and Public Spaces
  • Rest Areas and Reserves
  • Boat Ramps and Waterway Facilities
  • Levee Systems, Sale Yards and more...

Who is using the Reflect Software?

The Reflect software is currently being utilised by over 135 local government sites across New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania to manage a wide range of council assets.

The software is very adaptable to highway maintenance and contracted services. Tasmania's Department of Stategrowth uses Reflect to inspect and maintain their entire road network and is used across New South Wales and Queensland by Council Service Providers to inspect and maintain the classified road networks under RMCC and RMPC Contracts.

What are the features and benefits of Reflect?

Reflect has proven to be an effective tool for managing inspection and maintenance activities on an organisation’s assets.  It is widely considered the “Best of Breed” for infield recording of data and defect and accomplishment tracking.

The setup of the Reflect database is fully flexible and is able to incorporate existing policies and procedures, OHS and risk management requirements, customer requests, service delivery, defect identification and intervention models, maintenance rectification activities and programs. The features of the Reflect Software include:

  • Comprehensive inspection scheduling and monitoring
  • Simple mapping interface with GPS for maintenance crews and inspectors
  • Microsoft .NET® application with SQL Mobile or SQL Server Database
  • Works with Windows XP® , Windows 7, 8, 10 and Android technologies
  • The Web Portal works on all current Web Browsers
  • User Definable Reporting with both simple and complex querying
  • Utilises existing mapped layers of council assets (mapinfo® or esri®)
  • Digital images and documents are stored within the Reflect database (including metadata)
  • Simple integration and reporting with MS Excel® and MS Word®
  • Integration with GIS, Financial, Request and Asset Management systems
  • View recorded data using Google Map® , Google Satellite® and Google StreetView® 
  • Comprehensive Help Desk support from Asset Edge representatives and site support when required

Reflect makes recording inspections and maintenance work easy, fast and accurate

All defects identified during planned or reactive inspections are recorded either through electronic or paper based methods.

This then enables organisations using Reflect to adopt a systematic  approach to scheduling and carrying out both reactive and preventative maintenance activities. Reflect manages information relating to requests, inspections, defects,  planned works,  work orders and claims.

The software has a powerful reporting wizard allowing data to be exported using either Microsoft Word® or Microsoft Excel®.  All recorded information can also be viewed and analysed using Google® mapping features.

Asset managers and maintenance planners are able  to utilise this data to justify existing maintenance expenditure, future work programming, defect rectification, service delivery and the generation of unit rates for maintenance activities.


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